Presentation (En Français)

“He who does not travel,
who does not read,
who can not hear music,
who does not find grace in himself,
dies slowly.” A morte devagar, Martha Madeiros   


For those who do not know me, my name is Mathis Villetelle, I am 25, 1.84m (I think), a reader, a sport person, a guitar player and most of all a traveler…

I began my studies in the economic field. After one difficult year I decided to change fo find  myself in a field that I really like, the sport (the exact name is Adapted Physical Activity). The purpose of this studies is to learn how to train people with disabilities (motor handicap, mental handicap, elderly…). For my master I chose the obesity field. So I trained obsesses people and studied a lot to understand what were the causes and the multiples mechanisms which lead to obesity.

I started travelling very young (Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt...) and I continued it during my studies.  I had some trouble to remain in the same place so I moved a lot: First in Europe (Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, England, Italy...) and then to Canada where I had the chance to do a year as an exchange student.  I discovered this beautiful country, the United States where I did a road trip crossing four states (Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California) and the Republic of Cuba where I went to understand the history of this mythical island.

I return to France to start my master in the University of Lyon but the desire to travel again was too intense. So, on July 10 of 2014 I became a backpacker starting 40 days alone in South Africa with very few ideas about where I was going or where I will sleep.  Hundreds of people, kilometers and landscapes after I understood that I was loving the thrill of the unknown, the discovery, the sweetness of the meeting… Back to school a short stop in Istanbul and in Israel/Palestine confirmed my choice. It will be a tremendous journey around the globe where discovery culture and obesity will be associated in 4 continents! So far…?